Things you should always keep in your car

Remember when a phone holder (so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel) was all the rage? Well, there are a lot of other things that make life easier when in a car right now. And we’re not at all ashamed to say that we’ve totally embraced the car accessory trend!

What do you think about these items? Which one will make it to the top of your list? By the way, we checked online and everything on this list can be purchased from a handful of reputable sites, including (at the time of publication).

Here’s a list of things you should be keeping in your car today

a steering wheel tray

Don’t want to eat lunch while sitting at your desk? Now you can eat in your car. It’s also perfect to set up your laptop or book if you have some free time. FYI, this can only be used while parked (safety first, peeps).

an extended car cupholder

The kind that gives you room for your drink *and* a snack while you drive. No more juggling your food in your lap or digging around and taking your eyes off the road.

car hook

Keep your bags and jackets off the floor, rolling around in crumbs and dust, leaving luggage scattered only to be lost under the seats.

heated seat cushion

Your car didn’t come with heated seats? Now you can enjoy a totally delicious drive during those chilly mornings. Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey1, but hey. Cold Butt wants what Cold Butt wants.

handheld vacuum

Say cheers to crumbs and dust with a tool you can keep in your car and use easily to clean up messes quickly.

car seat organizer

It’s a total game changer, featuring pockets to hold a tablet, cup, snacks, toys, or whatever else you might need during your drive.

heated ice scraper

In South Africa, this may not seem necessary, but it actually gets really cold in some areas and being able to plug your ice scraper into the cigarette lighter means you can save time and energy clearing snow. Are.

console side pocket

This will not only close the annoying gap between your seat and the middle console, but actually turn it into a useful space that you can use to set down your phone and store coins.

keychain car escape tool

This is a genius design that you can use in an emergency to cut seatbelts and break car windows.

smart car diffuser

The fragrance spreads when you are driving and stops when you stop, so it doesn’t continuously fill your car with fragrance. Some options even let you choose the strength.

tissue holder visor attachment

Now you’ll always have easy access to those unexpected (and unwanted) nosebleeds.

reusable silicone straws

Toss them in your glove box so they’re ready when you hit through the next drive and don’t reach for a one-use straw. For the planet, you know.

cleaning putty

Now you can finally clean all those little nooks and crannies and say cheers to dusty vents and other dirty but awkward little spots.

memory foam seat cushion

Add an extra layer of protection between your amazing backside and uncomfortable car seats. Especially nice during road trips.

car baby monitor

No more fumbling with mirrors or breaking your neck to see your child in their car seat.

waterproof car trash can

Prevent wrappers, juice boxes, and other miscellaneous trash from piling up in the backseat. We

kick mat

Keep the backs of your seats fresh no matter how many times your kid kicks you on the way home.

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