Introduction to the Embroker Quarterly Startup Risk Responsiveness Report

The world is a risky place. In businesses of all industries and sizes, there is a constant battle between investing in what is happening now and what could happen in the future. We predict, we forecast, and we do our best, but in times like these, it’s never been more challenging to see what comes next.

At Embroker, we want to ensure that our clients and all businesses are best prepared for unknown, unpredictable and often unavoidable risks.

That’s why the embroker has released our quarterly Startup Risk Reactivity Report.

The report analyzes the insurance buying patterns of startups on a quarterly basis. Derived from proprietary, internal data, the report presents analysis of purchasing decisions and trends for three important policies: Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability, and Technology Errors and Omissions.

These three policies are considered the minimum coverage for venture backed startups. They provide specialized protection from internal risks while shielding vulnerable businesses from growing cyber threats, uncertainty of job markets, and more.

By analyzing real-time business insurance buying behaviors, we uncover trends and sentiment within the startup sector.

In our first report, for example, a comparison of Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 shows fear, uncertainty and doubt among startups as a possible recession, mass layoffs, bank closures and political tensions threaten their health. There is danger. Now, as the founders search for the insurance they need to mitigate the risks ahead, they must consider every possible outcome in the face of the challenge.

In this quarter’s report, we touch on Silicon Valley bank closures, big tech layoffs and the White House’s new national cybercrime strategy. These are the types of events and situations that affect how venture-backed startups purchase insurance. see for yourself.

Check data, freely available, monthly.

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