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As we near the end of 2022, the insurance industry is responding to disruption in all areas of business. From customers worried about crypto losses to employers still assessing the risks of COVID-19, insurers are looking for ways to provide protection.

In this year’s final insurance news analysis, abbey compton And I’m pleased to welcome Cindy D’Armand and congratulate her on her new role as Accenture’s insurance lead for North America. We also welcome Jim Bramblett as he takes on his new role as Accenture Financial Services Lead for the Midwest.

our discussion starts recently development in crypto and the expansion of cyber policies that protect insurance customers from losing their assets in the metaverse. While insurance continues to evolve in the metaverse, we consider how traditional home insurance is also evolving to include cyber coverage of personal devices.

The cost of commercial property insurance has increased to reflect the rising cost of construction due to factors such as rising inflation and supply chain disruptions. The impact is now reaching developers. New requirements crop up in hurricane-prone areas like Florida builder’s risk insurance premium,

Although the insurance industry now has 3 years of COVID-19 data to help inform underwriting decisions, it may not be enough to understand the risk the virus continues to pose. However, once consumers emerge from the lock-down in 2022, we see a huge increase in Live event demand and consider what it means for customers and insurers,

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